Kitchen Interior Design Company UAE

Inspired by maintaining the highest level of service, Envisage Kitchen & Tiles offers uncompromising and unrivaled quality with modern kitchen design concepts. We have the most comprehensive selection of kitchen units and pride ourselves in being a one-stop solution for all your requirements. Based in Dubai, our showroom has custom-built kitchen units as well as products, including wardrobes, porcelain tiles, vanity, and more. Be inspired by our practical design ideas and let it help you in your decision-making process.

Whether your kitchen requires a renovation or you want to install a few new items such as cabinets, we can create bespoke designs to your exact specifications. Consistency in production quality is key, and we verify it through regular testing and inspections, so when you choose us, you are guaranteed of swift installation and flawless quality. We are client-driven, and our operations are geared towards attaining the utmost customer satisfaction. If you, too, would like to have a custom-built kitchen unit, or seek more information regarding our exclusive lineup of products, feel free to get in touch with our team.



Professional Assembling Service

Are you not good at assembling furniture? Worry not! At Envisage Kitchen & Tiles, we do the handy work for you. Our team of experts has specialized in the dismantling and assembly service, from furniture to kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Interior Design Assistance

Marvel your guests with our unique expertise in kitchen designs. Through many years of experience and exposure to different cultures, technology, and constant research, we transform spaces with state-of-the-art designs specialized to individual client needs. Our kitchen design styles are industry game-changers.

Why Choose Our Service?

Customer-Centric Solutions

Customer needs are what drives our services, and we aim to deliver and surpass these expectations by keeping up with the latest trends and catering to all your requirements.

24/7 Customer Support

We keep contact and offer round the clock support to all our customers, both during and after completion of a project. Emergencies tend to come unannounced, and so we have a dedicated team to handle your requests.

30+ Years of Experience

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves in recognizing the varied needs and procure ideal kitchen unit design solutions to meet these requirements.

Quality Tested Products

Our services and products are reliable and of good quality, evidenced by testimonials from both previous and existing clients.

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