Kitchen Design in Dubai: Trends To Inspire Your Home Decor

Kitchen Design in Dubai: Trends To Inspire Your Home Decor

by Mimsoft Admin
23 Mar 2023

The influence of Kitchen designs in Dubai has mainly traced its roots to the Mediterranean region. Besides, it includes the diversity of culture by combining both middle eastern and western tastes. This combination emphasizes the unique characteristics, features, and aura of unwinding luxury in all aspects. 

Kitchen Designs are updated by homeowners quite often, stressing the newly growing trend. Further, comfort, efficiency, and functionality is the priority in modular kitchen design. If you are updating your kitchen space or starting from scratch, it is time to get a design consultation or visit our showroom to get the quality and perfect results for your kitchen. However, we have gathered the latest trends in modern kitchen design you need to look at. Read the entire blog to familiarize yourself with what you need for your kitchen.

Kitchen Island With Open Space

Open kitchens are most likely a popular trend followed this year. However, with open space and a dining island, you can enjoy your daily meal in the comfort of your home. A food preparation space or dining can make your task effective yet fun. Large families can gather around for chit-chat and have some quality time.

Additionally, the island is the most convenient space as a preparation, storage, and dining area. It gives a more prominent and neater sense. Plus, you can add a sink to simplify the cooking process. Small spaces can be expanded just by aligning things in a better way.

Pendant Lighting

The pendant lighting brings a touch of modernity in a very subtle manner. You can install this lighting above the kitchen island. Besides, most kitchen island designs are illuminated with light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. These are available in various shapes and designs, which can add charm to your space.

Moreover, this pendant lighting is also known as task lighting while maintaining the style and touch of luxury. Once settled with your kitchen design, don't forget to install the gorgeous pendant lights to lit up your space. 

Lights Under Cabinets

Small spaces often lack natural light, or windows are missing. However, how about lights under cabinets to add light and brightness to the kitchen? Not only will these lights make the space brighter, but they will also make it more aesthetically appealing. 

These lights have many options, from sizes to colours, and you can pick the best option which maintains the ambience and fits perfectly into your kitchen decor. Moreover, at night time, these lights work as task lighting for you. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are gaining popularity as an alternative to cabinets, which provide kitchen storage. They are ideal for homeowners who wish to give their kitchen a modern touch without taking up a lot of room.

You may choose the ideal floating shelf from various styles and sizes for your needs. They're suitable for homeowners who want to display artwork or access daily essentials. 

Polished Stone Countertops

Countertops are made with natural stone, while polished surfaces are another kitchen design trend in Dubai. Further, they are the first choice who want a sleek and contemporary kitchen style.

Polished countertops can be combined with any cabinet design, as they are available in many colours. You won't have any trouble keeping them looking stunning because they are effortless to maintain and clean.


These were a few of the emerging trends in Kitchen Design in Dubai. However, if you are considering changing the layout of your kitchen, it is best to start with these. You can look at the kitchen design portfolio for a brief insight, and for details, you can contact us at +971 43478055.

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