Top 10 living room decor Ideas for your living spaces

Top 10 living room decor Ideas for your living spaces

by Mimsoft Admin
31 May 2023

he most commonly utilized space in your home is the living room. We aim to make it look fantastic, cozy, but practical also. In this blog, we have compiled the best living room inspirations for you. Whether you want to go with traditional or modern style, we have gathered multiple choices. Find the best living room ideas, tips, and recommendations for all types and sizes. Keep reading to know more.

Change the Layout

Have you ever thought about a change? Give new exposure to your living room. However, changing a layout refreshes your living space, as it adds value just like the newly built one. If your furniture is attached to walls, you can push it into the middle. Extra space around the corners? You can place carpets and small planters. Also, you can divide the room into multiple zones like antique furniture, a bookshelf area, or a wall dedicated to picture frames. 

Versatile Space

While working on the living room, keep the approach to a multi-purpose space. Most of our time is spent in the living; moreover, guests and celebrations make the living room very busy. With versatile planning, you can use the area for dining, watching movies, working, playing, and relaxing. 

Hang Curtains

Your curtains below the ceiling and broader through the window provide a more comprehensive look to your living space. Also, there is more lighting that can enter your living room. Further, you can opt for a curtain that fits perfectly into your living room. If you like to open your curtains in the daytime, try tying them with a bow or curtain hooks to add rich vibes.

Add Greenery

A home with a beautiful interior design is a dream of everyone. Bring some small plants inside to add some rich green vibes to your living room. Not just will it emphasize the home decor element, but it also adds a fresh aura. You can find easily manageable indoor plants, like Paddle Plant, Lady Palm, Peperomia, Pothos, and others. 

Mint Color

The living room is the ideal place to experiment with colors. However, the mint color is considered a refreshing and visually appealing color. You can try wall shades of mint green. Besides, the sofa and cushions with these colors spark the space. For more Dubai interiors, you can have a look at Envisage profile. 

Invest in the Sofa

The living room looks incomplete without a sofa. It is essential to invest in a good quality, which is comfortable and durable. Further, replacing your living room with bulky sofas to single ones look flawless, and you can feel much air and space. 

Minimalist Style

The style with a minimal approach is included in a modern interior design. To design a house, minimal style makes the space feel bigger and open. Further, you can declutter the items and furniture, which takes up unnecessary space. However, you can insert the additional items at a pace of time. 

Styling with Rug 

For a cozy and traditional touch, add some rugs to the room. The vibrant color rugs give a statement look to your living room. You can throw rugs near the armchair, sofas, and on the empty floor. 

Add a bookshelf

Have you ever thought about what place of your home attracts visitors, friends, and relatives? Well, it's the living room. Add a bookshelf organized with various book collections to give an impactful look to your space. Further, you can add articles like old fancy accents, vases, frames, etc.  

Lights not only help brighten the space, but the correct lighting becomes the focal point of your living room. A beautiful chandelier, lamps, strings, and pendant lights give your space a vibrant look. Get ready for appreciation with the glowing look in your living room.

With a small idea and creativity, you can do a lot with your living room. Further, if you are redesigning your home, find a beautiful design kitchen, bathroom modern design, and modular kitchen designs at Envisage spaces. Have a look at our portfolio and choose your go-to design.   

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