Modern Kitchen Cabinets & Accessories


Envisage Kitchen & Tiles is known for improvement in kitchen storage characterized by modern kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen cabinet design, and a variety of kitchen cabinet accessories. Over the years, we have learned the trade and improved what is available in the market by paying attention to small details often overlooked by others. The first thing you see when you walk into any kitchen is most likely to be the countertops and cabinets. This is why we specialize in coming up with modern kitchen cabinet designs that are timeless and befitting to any space. Functionality is crucial, and so our cabinets are designed to offer ample storage space and are also easy to clean.


The design of a kitchen cabinet is incomplete without its accessories. We can further customize it to suit the kitchen’s theme, whether modern, contemporary, minimalist, or any other style. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection to choose from suitable for various styles, budgets, and preferences. To learn more about our modern kitchen cabinet designs and how we can be of assistance, get in touch with our team today!

Kitchen Accessories We Offer



We have a selection of different cabinets, varying in size, material, and design perfect for any kitchen. With ample storage and modern designs, our cabinets offer the ideal finish to any kitchen.


Drawers & Pullouts

Convenient for additional storage, we creatively set up easily accessible drawers and fit pull-outs in the tiniest nook and crannies to keep your space clean and organized at all times.



We help you choose the most suitable countertop for your budget without compromising on quality and durability. From Silestone to acrylic, stainless steel to Quartzstone, there is something for everyone.



We work directly with trusted suppliers to get both inbuilt and movable kitchen appliances for the kitchen. These can be procured based on individual requirements.


Taps & Sinks

Get the most stylish faucets and sinks available in the market today. We have the best hardware in this category with further customizable options, such as automatic taps with sensors over the conventional manual options.



Transform the lighting in your kitchen using our select lighting fixtures, including bulbs and tubes. Moreover, they can be elegantly incorporated in wall cabinets or underside of your shelf, illuminating the space.



Floors are a sensitive part of the house and the most cumbersome to remodel; hence, getting this right from the start is fundamental. Choosing the right material and proper installation seals the deal. We have an exclusive collection to suit varied themes.