Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets

The process of finding the perfect cabinet that suits the needs of your kitchen can often be challenging. At Envisage Kitchen & Tiles, we offer customers the opportunity to create their own custom made kitchen cabinets, designed to your preferred size, color, design, and pattern. These kitchen cabinets stand the test of time and offer quality that surpasses the client’s expectations. Backed by a team of highly trained specialists who have worked with numerous clients across Dubai, we ensure each of our kitchen cabinets is fully assembled and checked for quality. This process ensures our customers receive custom made cabinets of the highest quality and free from any defects or issues.


With several years of experience as kitchen cabinet suppliers in Dubai, we take pride in offering a range of products, including stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom made kitchen cabinets, framed and frameless custom made cabinets. The design of a kitchen cabinet is incomplete without its accessories. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to customize your cabinet with options such as drawers and pullouts, kitchen countertops, and more. To learn more about our modern kitchen cabinet designs and how we can be of assistance, get in touch with our team today!

What We Offer


Framed Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Simply put, a framed cabinet is where the cabinet doors are secured to the frame. This facilitates in offering additional sturdiness, resilience and strength to the cabinet.

Frameless Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Widely known as full access cabinets, unlike framed cabinets, these do not have an additional frame attached. The door is directly attached to the cabinet and is supported by its hinges.


Kitchen Customization Service Inclusions


Color & Material

The cabinet's color and the material will largely impact the aesthetics and how it will make you feel. Hence, we will sit with you and offer solutions based on your requirements.

Drawer & Pullout

With our custom made cabinets, we allow you to add pullout and drawers designed specifically to your needs. These are manufactured to fit your space accurately.

Kitchen Countertops

Tested for safety and quality, our kitchen countertops bring you a wide choice of materials and styles to choose from based on your requirements, taste, and budget. They can be adapted to your kitchen and even have a sink placed above.


Apart from selecting color and material, we also provide our diverse clientele with the opportunity to have their kitchen designed specifically to their individual requirements and preferences. Our skilled workers will consider every detail and bring your vision to life.