Walk In Closet

Best defined as a small room that you walk into, a walk in closet is an excellent choice for people with a passion for fashion. Envisage Kitchen & Tiles is one of the most recognized custom closet designers in Dubai. Our extensive experience has allowed us to not only procure creative walk in closet designs but also ones that are practical and functional for your everyday use. From modern to traditional and everything in between, we are well equipped to provide you with custom designs while preserving your personal style and can also mix and match elements to create a unique statement exclusive to you.


You can get a smartly built walk in closet from Envisage Kitchen & Tiles that will make it easy to organize all your clothes and accessories. A great storage solution for all your wardrobe requirements, it saves a lot of time by having all your clothing items categorized by type. Well-lit and ventilated your walk in closet will lend the perfect ambiance for you to choose, match, and don your attire. For readymade and custom closet designs, consult with our expert designers today!

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Benefits of Custom Walk in Closets

The most obvious benefit of having a walk in closet is that you have easy access to all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Since every item is placed systematically, it saves you both space and time, especially on days when you are in a hurry. A walk in closet customized to fit into your room can be a real boon; some additional benefits are:


  • It allows you to store all your clothes, shoes, and accessories in one place, making it easily accessible.
  • As everything you need to dress up is available in the closet, you avoid cluttering up your room while getting ready.
  • It creates privacy.
  • It prevents stress caused due to clutter and an unorganized space.

Keeps your belongings organized and well-segregated.