Dazzling Bathroom Mirrors For Every Home Style Blog

Dazzling Bathroom Mirrors For Every Home Style Blog

by Mimsoft Admin
17 Apr 2024

A perfect mirror in an ideal size and shape is essential to spruce your bathroom space beautifully. Either, post-freshening up the last look in the bathroom mirror or straightening up your clothes, a quick face or hair touch all are done in the bathroom space. Moreover, it is a wise act to boost your confidence once you step out of the door.

Additionally, mirrors in the bathroom are ultimately the best decision to add aesthetics, and functionality. It also turns out as the focal element of any bathroom. Dont forget its size, shape, and placement is very crucial in face-lifting the aesthetics of your bathroom space.

Bathroom Mirror

After you have decided on your bathroom vanity the next step is to decide which type of mirror you would like to choose. Here are a few important checks to keep in your mind: 

  • Your mirror shouldn't be oversized than your vanity’s width, but you can always choose a full wall mirror as a wall covering depending on the size of your bathroom.

  • There are custom vanity countertops that may be useful, since they may be able to be easily adjusted to accommodate LED mirrors

  • Bathroom accessories can be arranged in bathroom mirrors with shelves. These shelves are perfect for storage. 

Moreover, if it's a common family bathroom it should have a mirror that gives access to all the varying heights of family members to comfortably have a look at themselves without jumping up on step stools to have a peek.

Bathroom mirrors that are placed at a lower height can also have a shelf fixed across them to substitute for a vanity. For smaller spaces, this works very well. Another great option for petite spaces is to utilise the space behind the mirror by making a disguised shelf just behind it. For larger spaces customised full length mirror doors for your in bathroom storage cupboards is also an option worth investing into. Besides, large spaces can be decorated with the vanity mirrors.

If the focal wall is stretched out and has all the sanitary alignment beside each other in a line, a large wall-to-wall mirror will double the reflective space. The mirror is the first thing you flex towards upon entering a bathroom. The bathroom mirror with light gives a clear reflection and is considered as functional for makeup. 

A guest bathroom will have a fancier version of bathroom mirror placement to create an impact. Sconces besides the bathroom mirror are also a trending style this season. If you would like to go for it then your bathroom mirror should be 60-70% wide on the vanity. This will leave enough space for sconces on either side of the mirror.

Bathroom mirrors are quintessential in lifting the mood of your bathroom spaces!

Vanity Mirror

A great choice of mirrors and a thoroughly weighed-down decision to place it in a perfect spot to increase the reflective space and comfort is very important.

Choose your bathroom mirrors by weighing down all the factors from their functionality, placement, and type of usage and users intricately. These mirrors are truly a reflection of your bathroom persona.

At Envisage kitchen and tiles we have a wide range of bathroom vanities from luxe to basics you name it we have it. You can also find bathroom cabinets in Dubai. Designing your own bathroom mirrors according to your bathroom spaces is a plus point in your ease and comfort.

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