Explore Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs in UAE

Explore Unique Kitchen Cabinet Designs in UAE

by Mimsoft Admin
07 Dec 2023

Are you looking for kitchen storage? How about adding kitchen cabinets? We at envisage giving you the best designs for Kitchen Cabinets in UAE. Besides, we have plenty of inspiration to share, whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or something more contemporary.

Moreover, these creative Dubai kitchen cabinets ideas can help you liven up your kitchen storage area with eye-catching colors, accents, and finishes. If you have decided to modify your space or want to recreate the space, these are the ideal designs that can assist you. Keep reading and choose the perfect cabinet design for your home. 

High-Rise Cabinets

A kitchen with a long row of cabinets might look odd. On the other hand, installing cabinets over the counters is just one way to add extra storage to your kitchen. To emphasize on storage more, you can build high-rise cabinets. Well, don't forget to add a stool to reach them. 

Metal Grate Cabinets

Metal grate cabinets are quite common from the old days. Besides, these cabinets can go perfectly with your modular kitchen designs. The specialty of these grates is that they stay between closed and open storage. Unlike the glass cabinets, things can not be easily peaked inside the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, you can peacefully store your kitchen essentials without bothering about their neat packaging. 

Island Cabinets

Build the cabinets into the kitchen island instead of attaching them to the walls. In such a way, you can make your kitchen more functional by adding extra cupboards and drawers. Also, you can keep your wall clear and emphasize the wall decor. 

Pastel Kitchen cabinets

It is true that there is a huge variety of designs for kitchen cupboards, including texture, color, type, and more. But adding pastel cabinets add natural and organic vibes to your interior. Try with a neutral light color to emphasize the timeless interior. 

Floating Cubicles

We commonly choose floating shelves for kitchen storage. Instead of floating shelves, consider floating cubbies that fade into the wall and can be functional for kitchen storage. Additionally, these cubbies are practical for storing and organizing your kitchen essentials. 

Chicken Wire Cabinets

The basic kitchen design looks timeless but a little dull too. For storage purposes, you can install cabinets with wire doors. However, you can find massive wiring options to make your kitchen details interesting. 

Sleek Black Cabinets

A beautiful design kitchen with white walls and sleek black cabinets looks refreshing. The black and white theme is more than ordinary; a fusion of modern and ideal layout. Moreover, the black-tone wood cabinets give a room a relaxing and aesthetic vibe. 

Bottom Cabinets

The bottom cabinets are free to take up the lower space while allowing the walls to breathe freely. When your cabinets and storage are on the downside of the kitchen, it will eventually avoid the visual clutter on the walls. You can fill these cabinets with kitchen essentials focusing on grounding the kitchen.

One Corner Cabinet

To make room for other kitchen essentials, how about dedicating one corner wall to cabinets? While working in the kitchen, storing and taking out all the essentials from one dedicated place is easy. Placing items on multiple cabinets and gathering them while working is a tough task; storage in one area can be a savior.

These are the kitchen cabinets that you can opt for your beautiful interior design. If you are building your kitchen or renovating your home, visit Envisage space. You can find a bathroom modern design to a beautiful design kitchen here. Book your appointments today!

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